13 Small Things You Can Do For Your Significant Other

"Surprises let me know she cares."

Sometimes the small things we do for our significant other are the things that stand out most, and become the most memorable moments. But if you're running out of ideas of ways to show your loved one you care, look no further than Reddit, where people are often known to offer up their advice and sage wisdom. Recently, Redditor WombatSupreme asked the Reddit community for a little help in the love department and garnered tons of tips on how to make the little things in a relationship count. 

For example, one person recommends taking mental notes as you date so that you have spontaneous ways to show your affection later. Another Redditor explains the littlest action that makes both their morning and their night with their partner simply perfect.

Check out some of our favorite responses below. 


1. Leave little notes.

2. Take mental notes.

3. Figure out your 'love languages.'

4. Say "good morning" and "good night."

5. Go for the massage.

6. Make a nice lunch.

7. Know when to say "sorry."

8. One word: coffee.

9. Spend time together.

10. Offer compliments.

11. Welcome them home.

12. Send affirmations.

13. And when all else fails, listen to Blink 182.

Cover photo by freestocks.org I Unsplash

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