13 People Describe The Moment They Realized They Wanted To Marry Their SO

"Spending hours talking to her and still missing her afterwards."

While it doesn't happen at the same time or in the same place for everyone, there may come a time in your relationship when you realize the person you're with is the one you want to marry. 

Recently, one Reddit user asked others on the platform what happened in the moment that realization happened. The question sparked a slew of heartfelt responses from the community. For example, one user said it happened one night while the two were watching television. Another wrote that they kept realizing how much they enjoyed their significant other's personality. And someone said they knew before they even started dating their significant other.

Together, these responses create a beautiful collection of stories that are sure to make you smile, whether you're in a relationship, happily single, or searching for the one. 

Check out some of our favorite responses below:

1. Watching a movie.

2. Getting through a difficult time.

3. Getting to know each other.

4. Reading her poetry.

5. Conquering your fears.

6. Being yourself.

7. Following an accident.

8. Feeling like it's just right.

9. Getting their phone number.

10. On vacation.

11. During conversation.

12. Moving away.

13. Seeing their eyes.

Cover photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

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