This Kid Started A YouTube Channel About Dinosaurs For Fun. Here's How It Became An Internet Sensation.

Good guy Reddit at it again!

It's not uncommon for kids to love dinosaurs. One such 13-year-old has made a YouTube channel all about them, smartly dubbed The Prehistoric Channel.

The content varies from video to video, but all feature his extensive collection of dinosaur figurines. Some entries feature stop-motion videos of intense action scenes while others talk about how scientifically accurate the models are. This precocious host even makes suggestions for the manufacturers for future incarnations of the toys. While he's obviously passionate, he's pretty chill about his critiques: "You can't judge a person by the kind of dinosaur toy they make."

The videos are delightful, but up until recently, the channel had gone completely under the public's radar. That is, until they were discovered by Reddit.

It all started when redditor Jouletheif posted an entry into /r/videos entitled, "Kid with 22 subscribers makes epic dinosaur videos EVERY DAY for the last 4 months." 

The link went to a short video of a pterosaur taking flight over an elaborate dino diorama. Dramatic background music swelled during the flight, taking viewers on an epic adventure back in the Cretaceous Period.

What did Reddit have to say about this offering?


They loved it. 

The comment section quickly filled with positive comments, commending the young videographer's creativity. 

"This is awesome. I wish I had as much love and ambition for anything like this kid has for making dinosaur videos. Keep it up, kid," wrote 19BonKers90.

"This is actually why the internet exists," correctly noted MizerokRominus.

"He's gonna be ecstatic when he logs on YouTube and looks at his daily sub count," noted pdeitz5, who was absolutely correct.

As people began watching more of the videos, Reddit collectively fell in love with the boy's incredible spirit, causing the subscriptions to start pouring in. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, The Prehistoric Channel had more than 29,000 subscribers.

He made a video acknowledging his newfound fans in the same adorably gracious way consistently found in his other videos.

"This is probably the best update video I've done yet," he says, unable to hide the excitement. "29,342 subscribers, and I don't even know if that's true or not. It could be a problem with YouTube. But if it's true then this means that I have hit fame level."

The reaction is so genuine and adorable, it's impossible to not smile. At the time of this writing, the total subscriber count topped 88,000, proving he's obviously a hit.

Of course, having a larger audience means having a busier comment section (which are not known for being nice or productive), but he's totally killing it on maintaining respectful order. 

"WARNING! all comments that bad will be removed so theres really no point in commenting" Bam.

Largely, the comments are really amazing, with people offering tips to get the best possible shots and many telling him to monetize the videos to save for college. Some even offered to arrange a GoFundMe account to get him a better camera and more dinosaurs, but he kindly turned down the offer, as he was happy with his current setup. Instead, he suggested that the money people would be willing to give him be donated to charity instead. (Which really just makes everyone want to buy him things more. What a cool kid.)

It's a delightful testament to the goodness that can be spread by recognizing creativity and encouraging an artform.

If you want to support a great kid, head on over to The Prehistoric Channel and subscribe!

(H/T: Joe Hanson, Mashable)


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