Men And Women Around The World Talk About Red Flags On The First Date

How many of these cringe-worthy flags have you seen fly?

Anyone who's been on the dating scene for any amount of time knows that one of the worst parts of dating is when a date goes really, really bad from the beginning. Maybe you sensed things weren't quite right when you were talking to them, but decided to take a chance. Maybe you had no idea that they were totally wrong for you, thanks to some combination of charm and good looks. Whatever the reason you had for being led to a parade of red flags, one thing's for certain — you'll never want to go through any of it again.

This video from YouTube channel Dating Beyond Borders shows just how widespread some of the most common DO-NOT-CONTINUE indicators are when it comes to first dates.

Whether they got drunk or started talking about their ex — or worse, both — the red flags are worldwide.

Check out the video below:

What's the worst first date you've ever been on? Tell us your horror story in the comments.


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