50 Reasons That Things Aren't As Bad As They Seem

Don't worry be happy.

1. Tomorrow is a new day. 

2. Chocolate exists. 

3. There are people out there who truly love you. 

4. At least a thousand other people at this very moment feel sad, too — you're not alone.

5. There's help out there no matter how big or small your problem is.

6. There's music out there that totally captures what you're feeling, which means you're not the first or last to feel it. 

7. This Bob McFerrin song exists.

8. Exercise is as simple as walking to the TV. 

9. There's still so many sights to see and travel plans to make. 

10. Even if they're on Pinterest. Pinterest is fun.

11. Reading is free. 

12. So is helping someone in need. 

13. Wine is also a thing. 

14. As is the ability to watch reality TV. 

15. Everything is temporary. 

16. Unconditional love exists. 

17. You've made it this far in life, you can keep going.

18. Puppies.

19. Nobody else knows what they're doing either. 

20. Trying never hurt anyone. 

21. Neither did having hope. 

22. Cake, ice cream and candy are available pretty much everywhere whenever you want. 

23. Smiles are contagious. 

24. You have a right to feel what you're feeling. 

25. Anything can happen with a pen and blank sheet of paper. 

26. You get to eat the things you cook or bake. 

27. Rose and Jack died, but Leo and Kate are still kicking. 

28. There's always something to look forward to.

29. You're not this person.

30. Animals love you no matter what. 

31. The best lessons come from the worst mistakes. 

32. Netflix has so many shows you need to watch. 

33. All good love stories have a "goodbye" before the happy ending.

34. Just being alive means you've beaten the odds. 

35. There is a plethora of cliche quotes to make you feel better. 

36. Like "Nothing worth doing is ever easy."

37. And "Quality is better than quantity." 

38. Also, "Everything happens for a reason."

39. Whatever you're going through is making you "you."

40. Nothing feels better than a good cry, so don't feel bad about it.

41. You will always have control of your choices. 

42. Even if you've lost love, you know what it feels like in the first place.

43. Forgiving does bring healing. 

44. The most successful people have failed. 

45. If you take a leap of faith and fall, at least you know that you tried. 

46. Time heals.

47. Two words: sleeping in. 

48. Simba lost everything and still became king of the jungle. 

49. You're becoming stronger every moment you pick yourself back up.

50. You'll be OK. 


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