These Girls Show Us It's Not Just About Fashion. It's Also About Equality.

When will there be more models like them?

Lets be honest. Fashion advertisements set very high standards for people everywhere. Often, ads don't accurately portray the wide range of people that seek to enjoy a particular product.


There is simply too much diversity amongst us to simply say we should or can look like the models we see in ads. Sometimes, the playing field is stacked against us.

As Nina from Buzzfeed stated, "I wish I could see someone like me in a magazine, but I'm still waiting."

Honestly, we are too. Fashion ads should represent a larger cross-section of the public. The images we see often make us feel depressed and self-conscious. Girls and guys alike.

Sometimes we can spend hours in front of a mirror, hating our bodies for failing to match those of the models we see in magazines, when we should be spending those hours enjoying the beach and swimming in the ocean. You know, loving life.

It's not just about happiness though. At the end of the day, it's about equality.

Another important point that Lara made, is that a photo can give off the wrong impression.

As she said, "A photograph is so misleading because it's just capturing a millisecond. Everything is flexed or tucked (or photoshopped), so it's not real. It's important to remember that."

She's right. How many hours — days, even — are spent on that one perfect shot that gets picked to go in an ad that you might see in Times Square? These models didn't just wake up flawless. 

Models spent time in makeup, designers picked out a specific bathing suit that fits their bodies in just the right way, the bathing suit is altered and fitted based on their measurements, hours are spent waiting for the light to hit at the right moment and photographers can take hundreds of shots before deciding on the best ones.

When we show up at the beach, we definitely don't have teams of stylists fixing our hair, brushing makeup on us and shining just the perfect amount of light as we run across the sand. An ad really can give off the wrong impression.

That's why these confident women set out to recreate a Victoria's Secret photoshoot... show us all that there's more than meets than eye when it comes to fashion ads, and that we should learn to appreciate all forms of beauty, not just the photoshopped and airbrushed beauty we see in magazines.

We applaud their bravery in bringing attention to the barrier between what is seen as beauty and what real beauty actually is. Watch below...


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