5 Reasons Why We Can't Wait For The New Season Of 'Real Husbands Of Hollywood'

It's almost time, mitches.

Real Husbands of Hollywood will premiere its fifth season on Tuesday, October 11, and you can bet we'll be tuning in to see what wild antics Forbes-list-topping comedian Kevin Hart and his friends get involved in.


Wait ... you're not yet watching the hit BET series? You should be, as it'll soon become your guilty pleasure with its tongue-in-cheek, slapstick, and subtle humor. 

Here are five reasons we're eager for things to kick off, along with a few things we're begging to see.

1. The show is a smart look at Hollywood.

Billed as a "mockumentary," Real Husbands of Hollywood pokes fun at Tinseltown through the eyes of Hart and his pals, often in a way that follows the formula of the famous Real Housewives franchise. As Kevin navigates his superstardom, he and his co-stars, who play alternate and extremely dramatic interpretations of themselves, experience a slew of misadventures — such as the time Boris Kodjoe performed in a Broadway-style musical but had to have American Idol winner Ruben Studdard lip-synch his vocals. Classic!

2. The actors aren't afraid of getting upstaged by their famous wives.

Speaking of Kodjoe, he's married to Nicole Ari Parker of Soul Food fame, while Duane Martin — who starred in All of Us and Above the Rim — regularly gets teased about his wife, Tisha Campbell-Martin. Campbell-Martin is the breadwinner of their relationship, having won over audiences on the hit sitcoms Martin and My Wife and Kids. The show plays it up even more when the wives get recognized by fans and paparazzi while the husbands barely get any attention at all, and when the wives complain about their mates in over-the-top situations.

3. Trina and Wayne: we have to know what's going on with this power couple.

Kevin's hard-working attorney Trina Shaw (played by Cynthia Kaye McWilliams) has enough problems dealing with her client's plethora of legal troubles, so the last thing she needs is another guy wasting her time. Enter Let's Make a Deal host Wayne Brady, who Trina confronts on his show in a clip previewing the forthcoming season. It sounds like a decision needs to be made about their on-again, off-again relationship. No matter what, we can't choose between #TeamTrina and #TeamWayne (totally #TeamTrina), so we're really rooting for #TeamTrayne ... or #TeamWrina?

4. Robin Thicke is back with the crew.

Kevin's tight with his RHOH pals, but then there's his frenemy, soul singer Robin Thicke. While the two mostly got along during Thicke's stint on season 1, on occasion, they've had beef. Like that time Robin got invited to Nelly's poker game and Kevin didn't ... and that tragic "Frost Without You" moment that led to Thicke hulking out and turning into Terry Crews. Here's to hoping the two can keep the peace during season 5. (Let's be honest: we're kind of ready for more mock drama.)

5. We're desperate to see a rematch between Faizon Love and J.B. Smoove.

The full episode is available on Netflix, but this will whet your appetite until you can cue it up. Trust us, it was the race of the century!

Check out a clip featuring scenes from upcoming episodes from season 5 and tune in on Tuesday for the premiere:

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