When We Found Out Why This Man Spent All Day At A Grocery Store, It Broke Us

This will put a lump in your throat.

Shoppers at a Corryville, Ohio Kroger store got an incredible surprise last month when two men dropped in for a very special project.


Carrying a hidden camera, cash, and gift cards, they spent two hours at the store.

The men, Springdale Nazarene Church Norwood pastor Rob Westerman (pictured above with magazine), and his friend, Mike Lewis of JesusPainter Ministries, then proceeded to do something incredible...

They paid for groceries for random strangers.

The reactions from the strangers were amazing...

Some were filled with joy...

Others, with awe.

But the most moving reactions came from people who seemed to need the kindness the most... 

Like this man, who had just gotten mugged.

And this woman, who was moved to tears.

"We wanted to show the reactions," Westerman told WCPO, "To be nice to people and to love people and to do good for people, because you don't know what someone's day was like. We had no idea it would have the impact that it has,"

"We're just two regular guys," Mike Lewis writes on the video's description...

"Anyone could do this! Go make a difference today."

Watch the amazing video here:


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