Rainbow Freckles Are The Latest Colorful Beauty Trend Spreading On Instagram

It was bound to happen.

While there are products out there that promise to cover up freckles for the sake of "beauty," we believe all freckles should be celebrated. Not only are they stunning, but having them adds to your individuality. 

We're happy to report that we think the rest of the world is catching on to the beauty of freckles, too. In fact, there's a company that sells temporary freckles so people who weren't blessed with them can try them on. That's right, the thing so many people were embarrassed to be born with is now something people are paying money to get. 

And, with the rising popularity of temporary freckles, it was only a matter of time before things got colorful.

Now, rainbow freckles are popping up on faces all over Instagram.

It may sound a little ridiculous at first, but it actually looks stunning if done right.

Luckily, applying faux rainbow freckles is super easy. All you need is liquid liner or liquid lipstick and a liner brush.

Put some of the colorful product on the back of your hand, dip an eyeliner brush in it, and paint your freckles wherever you want 'em.

You could stick to one bold color.

Or try out a whole bunch.

Either way, it's bound to spice up your look for the day.

Want to try this trend? Watch the step-by-step tutorial video below for tips:

(H/T: LifeBuzz


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