His Wife Left Him On His Birthday And Took Everything But The Dog ... And His Creativity.

This man's best friend brought his creative spark back to life.

When Rafael Mantesso's wife left him on his 30th birthday, she took everything from the pots and pans to the photos and furniture, leaving Mantesso high and dry in their home completely alone, save for the company of the one thing she didn't take: their bull terrier, Jimmy Choo. 


Surrounded by white walls, Mantesso found himself inspired. He began taking pictures of Jimmy Choo, chasing his pal around the house. And then, as it says on his website, "when Jimmy collapsed in happy exhaustion next to the white wall, on a whim Rafael grabbed a marker and drew a new world around his ginger-eared pup. Suddenly, Rafael felt his long-dormant inspiration — for drawing, for art, for life — returning."

He started drawing a world around his dog.

He started an Instagram account ...

Which became very popular.

His drawings reimagine a dog's life ...

And mingle Jimmy Choo's world ...

With plenty of familiar faces.

Including his guardian's.

Mantesso's work can now be found in his book.

For more on Rafael Mantesso's work, check out his Instagram and his website.

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