Radio Host Pranks Co-Host By Spewing Out Curse Words 'On Air' And She's Not Having It

Watch her hilarious reaction.

Radio host Emma Louise Jones knows that it is not OK to rattle off swear words on the air. 

So when her morning co-host, Alex Duffy, started reading off a list of the top 10 most offensive words, Jones was legitimately in shock.

"Nowadays we're starting to think differently about which words are acceptable and which words are not acceptable," Duffy begins. He then proceeds to read them, one by one, to listeners.

Meanwhile, the hosts aren't actually on air, and the whole thing is meant as prank on Jones.

"Alex! Stop it! This is too much for my little ears at this hour," she says, gasping and jumping back in her chair in fear of losing her job. "Alex! You can't! You need to stop it."

When he finally tells her it's all a prank, she can hardly believe what just happened. 

"I literally want to call you every word on that list," she says to him. And understandably so.


Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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