13 Short Stop-Motion Videos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face Instantly


Self-taught artist Rachel Ryle has mastered the art of stop motion — and Instagram. 

Ryle illustrates adorable scenes and then creates short videos where she brings her art to life by interacting with her drawings. Whether it be cooking a vibrant brunch or opening a birthday present to a punchy song, her stop-motion videos are bound to put a smile on your face. Ryle's work is so awesome that huge companies as Starbucks and CVS have hired her to make animations for them. 

Really, you just need to see them for yourself: 

1. Goofy toast

2. Two-year anniversary

3. Gum ball machine

4. Milk and cookies

5. Piña Coladas

6. Birthday celebration

7. Banksy

8. Make kit

9. New York

10. Duck Hunt

11. Kind

12. Banana split

13. Microsoft Paint


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