Rachel Bloom Exposed Sexism In Casting Calls By Hilariously Flipping The Script

This is what its like to be an actress looking for your next job.

It's been well-documented that female casting calls are riddled with sexist stereotypes — a sign that the industry may still dominated by the misogynistic old guard of Hollywood. Actress and writer Rachel Bloom recently utilized her humorous talents to reveal just how sexist those casting calls can be.


The Golden Globe Award-winning actress for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend discovered a casting notice that she claimed came in an email from acting website Backstage. Bloom shared the casting notice in an Instagram post to show "what it's like to be an actress searching for your next job."

"Sexist breakdowns and shallow female characters are almost always synonymous with lazy writing," Bloom told Upworthy. "Good writers treat every character with respect and imagine who they are beyond their physical attributes."

To fully demonstrate the absurdity in creating characters based solely on superficial traits, Bloom published a fake casting breakdown for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that objectifies the male characters. In other words, it's the female version of the male gaze.

According to publication The Conversation, the male gaze is seen when men are empowered to position female characters as an "object" of heterosexual male desire while ignoring their thoughts and feelings. As Bloom explains, the casting call problem is bigger than just the male gaze.

"Yes, it's the male gaze, but it's also just lazy writing," Bloom told PEOPLE. "Especially when you're an actress without representation, which I was, and you're looking on Backstage, and you're looking on Actors Access. You're looking on Casting Breakdowns. And you're trying for anything. It's just novice writers, if they're male, the first thing to go is kind of fleshed out female characters. And that's just a fact."

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