17 Questions That Are Way Too Real For Every '90s Kid

"Can cellphones get any better?!"

The '90s were filled with scrunchies, epic cartoons and Walkmans, but it was also an era filled with some of the best questions. 

That why #InThe90sWeAsked has been trending on Twitter with responses that are both hilarious and way too real. 

Here are some of our favorites: 


1. "Will you play with my Tamagotchi while I'm at school?"

2. "Can you get off the internet? I'm waiting for a phone call."

3. "Have you played that new game Sonic the Hedgehog?"

4. "Can Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry to show us the wonders of Windows 95 on VHS?"

5. "Did you try blowing on the cartridge?"

6. "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?"

7. "How did Dexter's parents not know about his laboratory?"

8. "Can cellphones get any better?!"

9. "Wasn't making Will move across the country a bit of an extreme reaction to one fight?"

10. "Can I reserve a VHS at Blockbuster?"

11. "Who loves orange soda?"

12. "How many CDs do you have?"

13. "Nickelodeon Magazine, please?"

14. "Why are the best movies always orange tapes?"

15. "Do I have to rewind it before I take it back?"

16. "When can I get the next three episodes of Dragon Ball Z?"

17. "If you swallow a watermelon seed, will one grow in your tummy?"


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