21 Hilariously Accurate Poems That Every Millennial Can Relate To

And they rhyme.

It's tough to describe life for all Millennials, but illustrator and writer Samantha Jayne nails it perfectly with hilarious poems featured on her Instagram account, Quarter Life Poetry.

"Most of the time, I feel like I'm doing the 'adult' thing all wrong and I'm kinda playing dress-up to see what works and doesn't," Jayne told Buzzfeed. "Then I'll write a little poem about it. I'll use my digital pen on a tablet to draw everything. That way, it's hand-drawn and I can still post it up quickly."

Here are 21 poems and illustrations that every Millennial can pretty much relate to in a funny way:


1. Many apartments have these.

2. The best cuisine.

3. Cats are great.

4. A good hair tip.

5. How adventurous?

6. Oh, no.

7. A solid choice.

8. An interesting philosophy.

9. Dessert is the best meal of the day.

10. You can only dream.

11. Could this be healthy?

12. This sounds like a grand idea.

13. I'll take a check.

14. What kind of car would you get?

15. Their free candy is good.

16. This is being resourceful.

17. You can also revise that.

18. A new diet.

19. Who needs instructions?

20. Stand by your phone.

21. The post-college life.


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