13 Inspirational Quotes From This "Dictator" Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today


Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for many things, among them his defense of draconian anti-gay laws in Russia, annexing Crimea, his steely blue eyes and a curiously macho image that perhaps explains his soaring popularity in the country.

It's serious business: Putin is famous for being photographed pulling stunts that show off his masculinity, many featuring his somewhat chiseled torso. Many say it's part of his carefully cultivated cult of personality.

In a hilarious compilation of these photos, the parody Instagram account @PutInspiration reimagines the notorious Russian leader as a personal trainer-turned-life coach, complete with inspirational quotes that really fit the bill. 


1. When you need to take that first, daunting step.

2. When you want to skip arm day.

3. For the times you need a little motivation.

There's so many more...

4. When you need to think about the bigger picture.

5. To remember to reward yourself.

6. For the days you're feeling down.

Inspired, yet?

7. Persistence will get you (almost) anywhere.

8. Let the haters hate; you'll keep doing your thing.

9. To remind you to truly live.

We certainly are...

10. On friendship.

11. On staying true to yourself.

12. Overcoming mental boundaries.

13. And, finally, to never give up on your dreams.

Thanks, life coach Putin!


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