This Faithful Puppy Waited For Her Cheetah Best Friend To Come Out Of Surgery

A loyal companion.

Ruuxa, a male cheetah cub at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, recently underwent surgery to repair growth problems that might later have affected his ability to walk.

While vets at the park worked on the sedated cub, his faithful friend Raina, a Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, waited in the operating room and alongside his crate until he woke up.

The two animals were paired as companions since they were just weeks old.

"Raina appeared very concerned about Ruuxa when she saw he was sleeping and she couldn't wake him," reported animal training manager Susie Ekard in the video description. "She licked him and nuzzled him, and when he awoke, she lay with him and seemed very content to know her cheetah was okay."

Ruuxa is expected to make a full recovery.

For more information on the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, please visit their website.

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