These 10 Little Pups Are So Tired We're Now Getting The Sleeps


By the end of the week we're all beat. We just need to get home, put on some comfy clothes and hit the bed. No more internet. No more coffee. Just bed. Our wonderful, warm, comfy beds.


Well, luckily we found some spirit pups that are totally relating to our tiredness right now. So even though we have a few more hours til' bed time, just watching these little guys struggling to keep their eyes open makes us want to...yawwnnnnn...zzzzzz.....

10 - When it hits 5:30 pm and you're totally not going to fall asleep at your desk.

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Ohh, just one more article....zzzzz....

9 - Hey Buddy, just one more email to write please.

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Whew, almost hit the send button by accident.

8 - Oh yea, I'm totally so pumped to grab that beer after work.

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Lets take a cab and don't wake me when we get there.

7 - You know what, just going to grab the blanket and take a nap under the desk until the day is over.

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6 - Hey, just heard about this great new Chinese spot to we gotta hit up after work... hey.... hey...

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Just get me some Kung Pow chicken and call me never.

5 - That 100th cup of coffee this week is totally keeping me on point.

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Maybe go grab me that 101st cup.

4 - Saturday is gonna be great. Just gonna ball up and see you next year, maybe.

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Never waking up.

3 - Just one more step before I get to my apartment.... made it.

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2 - Where did I leave my iPhone? Oh, just forget it... zzzz...

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1 - I'm going to close one eye. OK maybe both. OK I'm just going to sleep now.

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Nighty, night.


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