'Run Pug' And 'Ice Puge' Are Among The Coolest Pups In Hip-Hop Photography

We want one.

Photographer Adam Jackman-Moore runs The Dog Photographers, a Perth-based photography studio of "photography nerds" who capture "crazy, unique dog photography" we can't get enough of.

Take, for example, their series "ThePug.Life," which captures pugs dressed up as some of the music world's coolest hip-hop rappers and musicians.

Rocking props and outfits reminiscent of Tupac, Snoop Dogg, The Notorious B.I.G, and more, these pugs are the epitome of cool.

"This is purely a fun project on a slightly left from center subject matter," Jackman-Moore told PetaPixel.


According to "The Pug Life" website, which features the entire collection of hip-hop pugs, the series is a collaboration of the photographer's "love of pugs, dog photography and 80-90's hip-hop culture..."

The crew of pugs, who make up "The Dirty Dozen," each have their own glamour shots, bios, and quotes to go along with their profiles. 

Take, for example, "Run Pug."

"I'm the King of Pugs, there is none higher, other stinky dogs should call me sire," his profile reads

Or "Pugmaster Flash."

"Considered the dogfather over here...Pugmaster Flash...is a master of mixing it up on the wheels of steel and is solely responsible for getting the party started," the pug's bio reads. "The years of loud music, wild parties and the occasional meaty treat have left him a little dazed. Just last week I called him my 'home boy', and he actually went home. "

Check out more of 'The Pug Life' series below:

Be sure to check out more from The Dog Photographers on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.  You can find the rest of "The Pug Life" series here.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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