When This Big Clown Started Singing 'Mad World' We Started Crying, Then Haley Reinhart Joined In

Such a cool cover.

Everyone's favorite big lonely clown Puddles Pity Party is back to sing a song with Postmodern Jukebox, the music collective that transforms modern hits by playing them in alternate genres. The famous clown can be seen performing with the band in many other videos, but in this latest one he's singing "Mad World," by Gary Jules. You know, that song made famous by everyone's favorite teenage brooding SciFi movie Donnie Darko

The song is sad enough as it is, but seeing that big clown take it on is enough to bring anyone to tears. But just when you thought you couldn't handle the sadness factor anymore, singer-songwriter Haley Reinhart joins in, giving the tune a much more upbeat feel. Together, they make the song sound happy and sad all at once — a pretty cool feat, if you ask us. 

Watch the video below to hear their amazing rendition of "Mad World." 



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