Hilarious Compilation Shows Professor Walking Into The Classroom Every Day. It's Same Same, But Different.

We're having déjà vu.


If you find a pair of pants that fit — truly and perfectly — chances are you'll be tempted to buy another pair of the exact same pants. Or just for safekeeping. Think of Steve Jobs and his black turtlenecks or Karl Lagerfeld and his suit-sunglasses combo. Their same-everyday outfits were quickly trademarked as their signature looks.

Just like this professor's khaki pants and short-sleeved shirts.

Now to capture his iconic style, one student decided to film him walking into the classroom every single day. The hilarious compilation shows the professor entering always in the same manner, greeting students with the same good-old hello. Nothing much changes in the video ... except the color of the professor's shirt. And it's really all rainbows. 

Make sure to watch the entire video above.

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