17 Problems All Non-Sports Savvy Girlfriends Know To Be True

Football is the new black.

1. Your S.O. has had a countdown to football going since April...

2. And you've lost TV privileges on Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights for the foreseeable future.

3. The farthest you'll go on date night is the couch.

"Can we just, like, go do something?" "No, the game."

4. So you pick up new hobbies to occupy time.

5. You've gone stag to fall weddings because your S.O. refuses to miss a game.

6. You buy them the same gifts over and over again.

I know, you want tickets to (insert game here), got it.

7. And you end up spending your own money to go with them.

There goes next month's spending money.

8. You spend more time watching games than all of your friends combined, and still don"t know what"s going on.

9. You don't hear from them for hours (or days) because they're watching the game.

10. Your living space is already turning into a shrine.

Oh, guess we"ll put my family portrait in the bathroom.

11. You get roped into joining a fantasy team without knowing anything about it.

Wait, who's DeSean Jackson and why did he just lose me $50?

12. During games, nothing you say will be heard.

13. You get startled when they have friends over and everyone starts yelling at random moments.

Make it stop.

14. Their best friends know more about your problems than your friends do.

Your hair is big because it's full of football secrets.

16. You must brace for the worst if their team loses.

17. And consoling becomes a part-time job.

But look at the bright side, when their team wins — you win.


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