The Internet Is Obsessed With A New Revelation About Princess Leia

"Dr. Princess General Leia Organa, Ph.D."

Leia Organa holds quite a few titles over the course of the Star Wars movies โ€” Princess, Senator, General. And it turns out we can add yet another one to the list โ€” Doctor. 


The revelation was the talk of Twitter over the weekend, as Dr. Becca Harrison of the University of Glasgow tweeted an old quote she had discovered from director George Lucas himself, made in the 2004 DVD commentary for A New Hope and included in the book Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation by Carolyn Cocca.

"She's a politician, she's accomplished," HuffPost confirms Lucas says in the commentary. "She got her Ph.D. at 19."

"Christ, can you imagine having everyone call you Princess when you were actually Dr Organa?" Harrison, who is writing a book on Star Wars, captioned the excerpt.

Understandably, many fans were impressed and excited to learn that their favorite space heroine was even more accomplished than they first thought โ€” and at only 19, which just so happens to be how old the late Carrie Fisher was when she auditioned for the role.

Twitter users shared their excitement over the discovery, with some calling for a prequel, and others trying to figure out what Leia's complete and accurate title should be. "Dr. Princess General Leia Organa, PhD" sounds pretty good to us.

When Buzzfeed tweeted the news and said that people were "freaking out" over it, some users had snarky responses. Conservative blogger Matt Walsh, for instance, wrote, "Literally not a single person on Earth is freaking out over this."

His claim received the perfect rebuttal from none other than Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker himself. "I AM!!!" he wrote.

We'll second that.

Cover image via Facebook

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