11 Epic Moments From "The Price Is Right" You'll Never Forget

Come on down!

Funny moments can pop up in any game show, but there's something special when they occur on The Price Is Right. Maybe it's because of the celebrity guest stars or the sudden emotions of winning lots of money, but it's certainly memorable. And for a game show that has been on the air since 1972, there have totally been some hilarious moments.

Here are 11 funny moments from The Price Is Right that are better than the actual retail price, whatever that means:


1. Snoop?

2. Yes, that's really Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad."

3. He's way too happy.

4. Neil Patrick Harris meets his biggest fan.

5. Keep on clapping.

6. That's not how you use a treadmill.

7. That's not how you do jumping jacks.

8. He can't believe it.

9. Look at all of that money.

10. She looks really happy.

11. A slight error.


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