President Obama Got A Kick Out Of This Kid's Politically Punny Halloween Costume

He sees what you did there.

With this year's heated election coming to a close, it's safe to say we could all do with a smile or two. Fortunately, President Obama held his final White House trick-or-treating event on Monday. Local kids and children from military families brought their most creative costumes to the South Portico to collect candy, cookies, and fruit bars (gotta make FLOTUS proud).

One particularly clever costume got the president's attention for the political pun it made. A young trick-or-treater was dressed as a bandaged duck — a lame duck, if you will.


For those in need of a brush-up on their political terminology, Merriam-Webster defines "lame duck" as "an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor," or simply "one whose position or term of office will soon end."

Video from the event shows Obama noticing the pun. "A wounded duck?" he guesses at first. "You're a lame duck," he quickly decides. "I figured it out." He then turns and calls First Lady Michelle Obama over to let her in on the joke.

Obama also ran into a miniature version of himself, complete with a silver head. The president had just one tiny correction to make: "Man, I'm not that gray yet."

Of course, no Halloween celebration would be complete without a little "Thriller." Watch the president and first lady show off their creepiest moves below:

It's hard to believe the Obamas will be out of the White House in just a few months, but before the country finishes its candy and turns back to election coverage, it's nice to have something so fun to enjoy out of Washington. 

(H/T: Time)


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