When Preschoolers Were Asked To Help Name Their Pregnant Teacher's Baby, They Came Up With Some Hilarious Suggestions


These days, it's pretty common for parents to give their kids interesting and uncommon names. So, if you're pregnant and need creative suggestions, look no further than a group of 4- and 5-year-old preschoolers. 

When a five months pregnant preschool teacher named Julie Siakpere was out for a doctor's appointment, her co-teacher Amy decided to play a fun game with the kids. Amy asked the students if they thought Siakpere's baby would be a boy or a girl, and to suggest names. 

"[The kids] asked where I was and it kind of sparked what [gender] I was having and the names," Siakpere told ABC News. "My co-teacher surprised me with it the next day." 


Here is what the preschoolers came up with:

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The 35-year-old teacher from La Crosse, Wisconsin now has so many name options to choose from. Will she go the safe route and choose a traditional name like Lucy, Allie or Henry, or will she jump on the creative name bandwagon and go for something like Balloon, Grandma, Racecar, Elephant, Cindy Elf or Potato

A picture of the "Name Miss Julie's baby" project was posted to Reddit by Siakpere's cousin, and it quickly went viral, garnering up to 1.3 million views, according to The Huffington Post.  

"I thought it was hilarious and apparently everybody else did too," Siakpere's wife Abby told ABC News. "I'm excited that this has gotten as big as it is."


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