This Woman's Technique To Alleviate Labor Pain Is Both Smart And Entertaining

Just dance the pain away.

If you were to ask every woman who's ever given birth to share her technique of dealing with labor pains, we're pretty sure the list wouldn't fit into all the "Harry Potter" books ever published.

Some squat, others take a warm bath combined with a relaxing massage. But not this woman. This woman DANCED!

Yuki Nishizawa was filmed by her husband Conell Cloyd performing a spellbinding dance routine while awaiting the birth of their second child. The mama-to-be was captured boogying to some old-school beats at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. 

According to Cloyd, she was already seven centimeters dilated and hoped that moving around would help her deal with painful contractions.

The first video shows Nishizawa boogying to a 2007 hit, 'Cupid Shuffle.' At one point she announces that her water is breaking, but doesn't even skip a beat.

However, the video that REALLY got the Internet drooling was of her doing the Tootsee Roll. Can you imagine?!

The second video that's already been viewed more than 3 million times has Nishigawa prancing around to the 69 Boyz's famous '90s song, "Tootsee Roll." The spectacle was so incredible, not only the nurses but even the husband couldn't hold back their smiles.

"I know I shouldn't be laughing as a husband. But she said she wanted to be famous, so I guess this is how you do it. Doing the 'Tootsee Roll' when you're in labor," Cloyd shares in his remarks behind the camera.

Watch her roll!

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