Mom Opens Up About The Struggles of Being Pregnant After 2 Miscarriages In This Heartfelt Facebook Post

"Pregnancy after loss is scary."

Pregnancy is difficult to navigate in general, but it can be even harder for women who have had miscarriages. 

Blogger Allie Boss opened up in a heartfelt Facebook post about her own struggles with pregnancy after enduring two devastating miscarriages. Boss has one little girl and is pregnant with her second child. 

"After losing 2 babies I question everything," she wrote. "Is that pain normal, why don't I feel sick, is the baby growing right? It's hard being pregnant after loss. It's hard being pregnant normally. I think it's common to questions symptoms. But it's 100xs worse after loss. Times I get anxiety of losing another. Times I question if this baby is going to grow full-term." 


Boss turned to her faith to help her get through the challenges and anxiety she was experiencing. 

"Pregnancy after loss is scary" she continued. "I questioned if we shared too early because what if something happened again? But here I am 8 weeks 5 days, and I'm not going to hide it. You should never feel you have to hide a baby ... a precious life ... until after the first trimester."  

Instead of focusing on all of the negative possibilities, she decided to allow herself to feel excited and celebrate her pregnancy. 

"I want to celebrate everyday [sic] I carry this baby," she wrote. "Heaven forbid something happens. I'm going to celebrate, share and savor every single day. Because this baby deserves it. Because I'm growing a precious longed for, prayed for, and wanted, life inside of me and that deserves to be celebrated from day one."

Boss's Facebook post hit home with many others and it has been shared over 500 times. Many women shared their own experiences with miscarriages as well as stories of the healthy children they had afterward. 

"I feel your pain on it," one commenter wrote. "We lost two before we had our Sadie and when I was pregnant with her I questioned everything, how I was feeling each day, any movement or not feeling much some days. It was tough but totally understandable." 

It's estimated that roughly 15 to 20 percent of pregnancies in the United States end in miscarriage, according to the American Pregnancy Association. However, it can be difficult for people to share posts like Boss's because there is still so much stigma associated with speaking openly talking about miscarriages. It's conversations like the one she started that help to de-stigmatize the topic and create more honest conversations about something so many experience. 



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