Pranksters Cover Illegally Parked Car With Post-Its, Raise Awareness On Handicap Parking Abuse

Not cool, unknown driver. Not cool.

There are many ways to fight public indifference when it comes to illegal use of parking spaces for people with disabilities.

You can pass legislation, create innovative awareness campaigns, or just take initiative and find a creative way to school those who purposely choose to disrespect the rules. That's exactly what a group of Brazilian pranksters behind YouTube channel Canal BOOM did.


Canal BOOM decided to address the issue of handicap parking abuse with a light-hearted prank and covered one illegally parked car with a bunch of Post-It notes.

They used blue and white Post-Its to recreate the sign that indicates a parking spot for people with disabilities.

The initiative was met with support from the public. In fact, Brazil has been taking big steps towards educating people on the vehicle parking etiquette recently.

Earlier this month, the city of Sao Paulo launched an awareness campaign titled Multa Moral (moral fine).

The campaign features warning tickets designed to look like fines. The tickets can be printed out and issued by anyone who sees a parking violation.


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