11 Illustrations That Show What It Can Be Like To Experience Life As An Anxious Person

"I wanted to reach out to people, especially those who feel helpless in times when they're anxious."

Mumbai-based illustrator Pranita Kocharekar hopes to show people what life as an anxious person is like. Kocharekar's personal artwork is often inspired by her feelings or observations of her surroundings. "It helps me understand and document my moods and also make sure I practice everyday," she told A Plus.

Kocharekar struggles with anxiety and, after opening up about it with loved ones, soon realized that many others do too. She wanted to help raise awareness about the challenges of feeling anxious through her illustration series, "Acknowledge Anxiety."

"I wanted to reach out to people, especially those who feel helpless in times when they're anxious," Kocharekar said. "I wanted to let the world know that they can acknowledge their anxieties and reach out for help. I made sure the illustrations are light-hearted so they feel calm and approach their illness in a relaxed state of mind."

In her illustrations, she shows some of the everyday emotions people with anxiety may experience, such worrying about a late phone call, triple checking to make sure you haven't forgotten something, and worrying still that you may have once you've left. Although, to be clear, Kocharekar is depicting the "emotions of an anxious person," not the symptoms of anxiety. 

Unfortunately, there is still so much stigma surrounding anxiety. Many people who don't have anxiety issues don't understand what it can be like for those who do.

"A lot of people think you're just being dramatic. There's a thin line between drowning in self-pity and actually being anxious," Kocharekar said. "I, however, do wish for people to start realizing that just because you don't understand how something works, doesn't mean it can't exist. The best thing one can do is to support each other." 

You can check out illustrations from the series below.













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