7 Practical Anniversary Gift Ideas For The No-Nonsense Couple

Functionality and beauty are the best combos.

Jewelry and flowers are beautiful anniversary gifts, but they might have hit their cliché quota at this point. Couples who are fiercely pragmatic by nature know this. That's why they're all about practical anniversary gift ideas, because there's truly nothing more delightful than unwrapping a present both beautiful and functional at the same time. 

An anniversary is the one special day when couples celebrate their deep bond, but it's a date that can be fraught with pressure, too. Expectations can be high and the disappointments heavy. Because let's face it: gift-giving is hard, and the people who are good at it operate on a different plane entirely. 

Naturally, if your beau is the type who adores sleek cuff links or pearl earrings, by all means, go all out. It really depends on what kind of person your partner is, but there's always room for something practical in the gift basket. Not to mention the bonus points if he or she is the kind of person who would appreciate all that comes with a present that both looks gorgeous and is useful.

While they may not be conventionally romantic, the purposes these functional gifts serve could prove to be far more thoughtful. 


1. Books.

There's nothing better than immersing yourself in a book you simply cannot put down. Does your significant other have no favorite author or genre preference? No problem. Does he like cooking Mediterranean food? A cookbook with beautiful illustrations could do well. Does she love to travel? A hardcover history book about her favorite destination is perfect. 

2. Nice underwear.

Thank the heavens for laundry machines, but the destruction it causes upon underwear is undeniable. You can never have too many undies, so go crazy on the style, colors, shapes and comfort-level options for your partner.

3. A "treat yourself" package.

Spa packages, wine and cheese tastings, helicopter tours — there are surely plenty of those in your nearest city.

4. Dance classes.

A great way to get fit with your partner while learning a new skill. 

5. Gadgets.

Whether a fitness watch or a Bluetooth speaker, gadgets always make useful, stylish presents.

6. Beauty kits.

State-of-the-art shaving kit for him, complete skincare collection for her.

7. Planners.

Beautiful leather-bound planners are super useful and they scream class (and organization).

Cover image via FoxSearchlight / YouTube


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