Post-Retirement Kobe Bryant Is Already Setting His Sights On The Film Industry

No rest for the guy.

Kobe Bryant may have retired from the NBA just a month ago with an incredible final game, but that doesn't mean he's off on a beach relaxing somewhere. According to ESPN, the star has been getting up early every day to work out, and after that, he heads straight to the office.

Which office? That would be his Newport Beach, Calif.-based Kobe Inc., a publishing and production company which apparently employs 10 people full time. Bryant spends most of his day "kicking around ideas" with his staff, and when he needs some advice he can easily access the thoughts of Hollywood heavyweights like Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, and Jerry Bruckheimer.

"I mean those are like unfair advantages," Bryant admitted in an interview. "I can pick up the phone and speak to them and ask them questions: 'What do you think about the story? What is this missing?' And they'll nitpick every single detail and I love it."

And even if he can't fully keep up with all the film lingo they throw out, Bryant said there's a deep mutual understanding due to the kind of drive they have in common with him.

"Even though the disciplines are different, the commitment, attention to detail is absolutely the same," he said. "So even though Steven Spielberg can start speaking in film language and I won't understand a damn thing, I understand the core, the essence of what he's saying."

If it sounds a little suspect, just remember that doubting Bryant throughout his 20-year NBA career was never a smart idea. As billionaire investor Chris Sacca explained in a recent appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast, when Bryant wanted to learn the ins and outs of savvy tech investing, he tackled everything Sacca threw his way with the same relentless energy he always displayed on the basketball court.

Currently, Bryant explained that his Kobe Studios arm of the is currently working on a three-to-five-minute film based on the "Dear Basketball" poem he wrote to announce his retirement. Disney animator Glen Keane and legendary composer John Williams are lending their talents to the project.

So bottom line, it's unlikely Bryant would ever attempt anything of significance without throwing everything he has behind it. Although it might be surprising to wake up one day in the future to the reality that Bryant is both a film and tech mogul, you can be sure he'll have earned it if that's the case.

Cover image: Wikimedia


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