These People May Look Like They're Sleeping But They're Not

I see dead people.

It's called post-mortem photography, and while it might strike us as unbearably morbid, it was extremely popular during the 19th Century

Families would enlist photographers to take pictures of their deceased relatives, sometimes posing themselves alongside the dead. 

Scroll down to see some of these haunting relics from the Victorian era. And brace yourselves, because they are the very definition of creepy.


Sometimes the deceased were photographed alongside their living relatives, like the two brothers in this picture.

Often the subjects were posed with their eyes open to look alive, like this young woman, who was photographed shortly after she passed away.

A man with his beloved dogs.

Sometimes the dead would even be made to stand up—assuming a very lifelike posture, like the gentleman in the center of this photograph, who is seen five days before his burial.

In this eerie picture, we see the surviving husband lying beside his recently-deceased wife.

These are the Kellers. The wife shot her husband in the heart and fatally wounded their daughter, then took her own life. This was taken in 1894.

Try to see if you can see who is alive and who is dead in this photo.

With her Bible in her lap.

A mother with her recently-deceased child.

Shooting the dead.

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