Porsche Gives €9,111 Bonus To Every Single Employee In Germany After Their Best Year In History

21,000 workers will receive the hefty bonus.

After seeing a ten percent rise in profits during the best year in their history, Stuttgart automaker Porsche is giving every one of its workers in Germany a €9111 (roughly $9,827 at today's exchange rate) bonus, Welt.de reports.

If that figure seems random to you, it's not. It alludes to the popularity of the famous Porsche model 911. 

According to Welt.de, the bonus will go to all "21,000 employees at the German Porsche sites, whether it be an engineer, employee at the production line, watchman, canteen staff or cleaning woman."

This generosity is nothing new to Porsche: last year, they gave out bonuses of €8,911. However, their surge in profitability this year allowed them to share more of the wealth.

It's great to see companies like Porsche remembering that it's people that make their companies what they are and finding ways to reward them accordingly. 

Cover photo: Sviatkovskyi / Shutterstock.

(H/T: Welt.de)

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