This NSFW "Pornogami" Paper-Folding Is A Neat Party Trick You'd Want To Learn

With painstaking detail.

Origami, like seduction, is a skill cultivated with plenty of experience. But instead of the usual origami birds or butterflies, author Master Sugoi combines both crafts to create something you probably would not expect. 

In his guide book Pornogami: A Guide to the Ancient Art of Paper-Folding for Adults, Master Sugoi teaches us how to make origami vaginas and origami penises — and this super-Zen, NSFW party trick is definitely something you'd want to learn.


The strategic folds and creases hint at what an origami vagina will look like ...

With details in all the right places, the end product will definitely make you giggle.

Master Sugoi also has a how-to video for an origami penis, as described in his book.

If you think the whole magic card thing is overdone at parties, it wouldn't hurt to pick up an unconventional skill to show your creative and, um, romantic side. 

Watch the instructional videos here:


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