This Cute 7-Year-Old Interviews Pharrell About The Things That Make Him Happy

"I would sing it, but you wouldn't recognize it."

Back in June, 7-year-old Poppy Browne sat down with singer Katy Perry for a one-on-one interview with magazine. The video sparked a conversation regarding Perry's music career, her style inspiration, and beyond. Now, Poppy's back at it, this time interviewing Pharrell for the publication.

The video starts out with Poppy and Pharrell singing Pharrell's hit, "Happy," of course, before Poppy asks what five things make the artist himself happy.


"No. 1: God, or the universe. No. 2: my family. No. 3: my job, making music. No. 4: people recognizing that empathy is the only way that we can move forward as a species. And No. 5: seeing other people happy."

Poppy then asks Pharrell which planet he would live on besides Earth, the story behind getting his ears pierced, and what his favorite song was as a child.  

"When I was a little boy, there was a song called 'Planet Rock,' " Pharrell says, addressing the final question. He adds that people used to dance along to it with robot moves. "I would sing it, but you wouldn't recognize it." 

"I know, 'cause I never really even heard of the song," Poppy replies. 

Check out more of their epic and refreshingly entertaining interview below:


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