She Was Pulled Over For Speeding, But The Letter She Got Was Not A Ticket

A cop's act of kindness.

Robin Sutherland just got the phone call that her ill, 90-year-old mother had to be put in a hospice. She hopped in the car and rushed down Alewife Brook Parkway in Massachusetts to see her mother for possibly the last time when a cop pulled her over for speeding.

Officer Ashley Catatao clocked her in at 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. Sutherland has a good driving record and hasn't been pulled over since 1985. Officer Catatao gave her a warning, not a ticket, but she noticed that Sutherland was crying.

Sutherland explained to the officer that she has to put her mother in hospice care.

"And even though she's 90 years old, you're never ready to say goodbye to a parent," Sutherland said, according to

Catatao told her everything was going to be OK.

"I felt bad because it's not like I could have sat there and talked with her," Catatao said to

After Catatao let her drive away, she noted Sutherland's home address and sent her flowers with a beautiful note to help comfort her.


Here is the note:

"I have my son every single day and everything I do, I do for him," Catatao said to "So to realize that someday I could lose my mother who has done so much for me, and to think about my son losing me someday — god forbid it's from the job — I'm hoping it's someday when I'm really old and he's prepared for it."

Police Chief Fallon, Catatao's supervisor, praised her for her empathy and professionalism.

"As a police officer, even when I am pulling a motorist over for speeding or another infraction, I try not to lose track of the fact that I serve this community and that people driving in Somerville are real people with real things happening in their lives," Catatao said to Patch.

Chief Fallon honored Catatao with a with a Beyond the Call of Duty Award for her incredible act of kindness.

Here is the award:

(H/T: Patch)


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