This Police Officer's Final Act Of Kindness Will Break Your Heart

It was all caught on video, and now the rest of the world will know.

Two years ago, Jeremy Henwood was a San Diego police officer and Marine combat veteran who had just returned from several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. One night, he wandered into a local McDonald's, where he met a young boy who did not have enough money for dinner.  


The officer paid for the young boy's entire meal, even though the child had only asked to borrow 10 cents.  But what makes the story so tragic is what happened afterwards: Just a few blocks away, and a few short minutes after paying for the young man's food, Officer Henwood was gunned down in his police car. 

Although this happened in 2012, given the amount of unrest on our soil and abroad, it's important to remember the good in the world. The senseless violence will never overcome how Officer Henwood spent his last few minutes on Earth, doing something wonderful for somebody else, but it's worth remembering. See the full video below:

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