One Year After Helping Deliver A Baby On The Street, This Police Officer Attends Her Tea Party

Doesn't get much cuter than this.

One year after assisting in a roadside baby delivery, one police officer attended a very special birthday tea party and has the cutest pictures to prove it.

On July 18, 2015, Deputy Constable Mark Diebold helped deliver Evelyn Hall at a Texas gas station when her mother went into labor on the road to the hospital, HuffPost reports. He was on his way to work when he alerted a speeding car to slow down, only to find out that the driver, Caleb Hall, and his wife, Destiny Hall, were rushing to the hospital. 

"Minutes later, parked at a gas station, Deibold helped Destiny Hall deliver her baby. Caleb Hall caught the infant and Diebold helped clear the newborn's airway."

Since then, Diebold has kept in touch with the family, and it comes as no surprise that he would be invited to celebrate Evelyn's tea party. They even had a little photoshoot, captured by photographer Cyndi Williams. In an interview with ABC News, Destiny Hall says her daughter definitely bonded with Diebold over a cup of tea. 

"Mark Diebold, without a doubt, is one of the most genuine, loving, thoughtful and caring [people] we have ever met," Destiny Hall explains. "He is quick to think of others and we are so blessed to call him friend and family."


Destiny Hall then shared the tea party photos on Facebook, writing, "These precious photos are just too much! ... Mark Diebold ... how awesome are these? And you TOTALLY rock out the fancy drinking."

The photos show the duo cheers-ing and smiling, with Evelyn dressed in a light blue dress and the officer in uniform. 

"I loved this story then and I love this story now. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures," one person commented on the post.

We think it's amazing that Diebold took the time to attend Evelyn's party, and it proves that even the most unlikely strangers can become best friends.

Check out more from Destiny Hall in the full post above.

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