Pokémon Of New York Is The Best Humans Of New York Parody We've Seen So Far

Gotta capture 'em all.

Pokémon Go has not only given us an intensely addictive and fun game to play, but has also brought people together, helped some to ease social anxiety, and gotten people more interested in the wildlife in their communities. Now, it can add one other achievement to its list. It gave us the best Humans of New York (HONY) parody we've seen thus far. (Although, Felines of New York is a pretty close second.) 

Pokémon of New York  features Pokémon inhabitants of the city and the things they would say if you asked them about their days. The whole thing is made possible thanks to Pokémon Go's photo feature, which allows users to snap images of wild Pokémon in the live scene they're in. 

Twenty-six-year-old David Wardell, creator of Pokémon of New York, launched the project after conversations with friends. "We were joking with each other, 'This guy took my seat on the train,' or 'Ugh, stupid tourist in my way,' and that evolved into us giving each of them personalities," Wardell told A Plus. "I joked, 'Pokémon of New York,' and my friend immediately told me to run with the idea." 

With the help of his friends Schuyler Burks, Christine Erickson, and Dalton Deschain, he launched a Facebook page that aims to match the personality of a Pokémon with that of a typical New Yorker. "It's been a blast basing captions off of people we know, people we've overheard, and even ourselves," Wardell said. "The Caterpie that got banned from Über is directly based off of someone I know." 

The page posted its first image three weeks ago and has already amassed nearly 15,000 likes. Many of the comments are filled with people tagging their friends and saying, "This is you!" or posting "I do this all the time."

"It's funny, the goal was just to make something cute and fun, and now we've got this nice little community," Wardell said. "We're not setting out to make the world a better place, but if the page makes people laugh a bit, I guess we're kind of doing that already." 

Check out some of our favorite PONY entries below: 


1. Psyduck, 36, Midtown

2. Bulbasaur, 22, Brooklyn

3. Machop, 9, Brooklyn

4. Magnemite, 37, Harlem

5. Magikarp, 37, Gowanus

6. Jigglypuff, 22, Manhattan

7. Meowth, 33, Bushwick

8. Venonat, 32, Financial District

9. Koffing, 59, Manhattan

10. Krabby, 42, Upper West Side

11. Vulpix, 28, Brooklyn

12. Caterpie, 18, Manhattan

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