This Is The Craziness That Goes Through Your Mind When You Play The Lottery

It could be you! (But probably not.)

Believe it or not, Americans spend more money on the lottery than buying sports tickets, books, music, video games or going to the movies... combined. Ouch. The chances of winning the Powerball (one in 175 million) are so low, that you are more likely to be crushed by an asteroid. Yet, people still love the lottery. 

Here's why a sucker is born every minute and people keep playing:


You're broke and you need money..., you have a brilliant idea.

You'll play the lottery and this will happen:

You know that when you win, you will make it rain...

...and you're gonna upgrade your lifestyle.

Like, a real upgrade.

You'll buy a new car...

...and a new house...

...and fancy new things.

Don't forget about the new bed...

...and the new gadgets.

You'll get a new pool...

...because why not? You'll be insanely rich.

Like, hip-hop video rich.

But, reality check...

...there's a gazillion lottery tickets.

You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning.

Hello? Lightning! Have you ever been struck by lightning?

So, when you play the lottery, this is what you are really doing.

Or, the home version:

But who cares? It's nice to dream big.

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