Should You Catcall That Woman? This Playboy Flowchart Will Tell You

This flowchart will tell you.

"Hey baby" "What's your name" "Smile for me, ma"

Though men have called out to women on the street for ages, street harassment has been a hot topic, lately, and rightfully so. According to Stop Street Harassment -- a nonprofit organization meant to end street harassment worldwide -- as of 2014, 65 percent of women reported that they had experienced street harassment. In other words, 65 percent of women say that they received an "action or comment between strangers in public places that is disrespectful, unwelcome, threatening and/or harassing."

Playboy, a source we wouldn't have guessed would tackle the issue with such grace, created a handy flowchart for guys to use when faced with with the decision to catcall a woman or not.

So men, should you do it? Even if her booty is bangin'? Or she looks sad? This flowchart will tell you. Visit Playboy to see the graphic's original posting.

For more information on street harassment and assault visit Stop Street Harassment, and share with your friends below to spread the message.



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