13 Photos Of Plastic Bags Hilariously Parodying 'Humans Of New York'

"Two weeks ago I ran away to Maryland to marry someone I met on Instagram. Yesterday I ran back home."

By now, you've probably already checked out the incredibly famous blog Humans Of New York (HONY), filled with stunning portraits of New Yorkers coupled with quotes about their lives. 

Like everything that's insanely popular, the blog has inspired several hilarious parody accounts from Felines Of New York to Millennials Of New York.

Our favorite, though, has got to be the newest one, Plastic Bags Of New York.

If you've ever been to New York City, you've probably noticed that random plastic bags seem to be strewn all over the streets. Photographer Nicole Espina takes photos of these miscellaneous bags and imagines what they'd say if they had people problems. 

Some of them are feeling some serious pressure while others just want to be accepted for their differences. Espina even found a small bag to be featured under the Today in Micofashion theme HONY has, which features children dressed in interesting outfits. 

Espina shares her hilarious posts on an Instagram account dedicated to the project. 


Check out some of our favorites below:

1. This parent.

"I told my daughter to wash the dishes, and she called me an alcoholic. It really hurt. I've known I was an alcoholic since I was a teenager, but that was the first time that someone else had called me one."

2. This romantic.

"Two weeks ago I ran away to Maryland to marry someone I met on Instagram. Yesterday I ran back home."

3. This green one.

"So do you do a different color every day?""No, I used to go through different stages. But then I found that I was happiest when I was green, so I've been green for 15 years."

4. This bag with tons of stress.

"I'm under a lot of pressure right now."

5. This construction worker changing NYC's skyline.

"I can walk around this city and point to 200 or 300 buildings I've worked on. Sometimes I go a little overboard with the pointing."

6. This one that ain't got no time for that.

"Can we make this quick? They're serving tea at church."

7. This adventurous one.

"I was on a trip in Saskatchewan, and I took this baby up a mountain. Boy did she f*cking roll! There were trails but I didn't even use them."

8. This father of four.

"Why God gave me only girls, only he knows."

9. This quirky teen.

"My family doesn't like my appearance. They ask me why I can't look normal.""What do you wish they would say?""You can dress however you want, because of the person you are."

10. This dogwalker.

"I've been walking dogs for 14 years now. I'm the Pied Piper of dogs. I can walk five dogs in one hand, and five dogs in the other hand, and I can tell you which one needs to poop."

11. This aspirational bag.

"I feel like I'm on autopilot every day. I go to work, go home, listen to some music, smoke my blunt, and go to sleep. And that's a scary place to be. Cause I've got dreams."

12. This kid's fashion sense.

"Today in microfashion..."

13. This one that lost weight.

"I used to be 300 lbs. I thought that when I lost all the weight, a light switch would suddenly flip on and I'd be driven and inspired. But the self-judgment just shifted. Sometimes when I'm jogging, I'll see a woman who is fitter than me, and I'll think: 'No matter how much I run, I'll never look like that.' It's the same voice in my head as before. Only difference is now I'm better at telling it to shut the f*ck up."

(H/T: DesignTaxi

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