You Don't Want To Get Between These 9 Pizza-Crazy Animals And A Slice

Defend that slice.

This week harrowing film of a rat dragging a pizza down the steps of a New York City subway provided everyone with their newest collective metaphor for life. It's one of the most New York things to happen in a while, but Pizza Rat isn't the only animal out there that would take you down good if you got in between it and a hot cheese slice. Here are your real challengers, fair pizza lovers of the world.


Pizza Rat, for reference.

1. Pizza Bear.

This little guy marched into a pizzeria in Colorado Springs. Look! He thinks he's people! And he'll maul you back to the Stone Age if you mess with his pizza.

2. Pizza Cat Episode I.

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3. Pizza Cat Episode II: The Legend Continues.

Pizza Cat

4. Pizza Cat Episode III: The Covenant Fulfilled.

Cat steals pizza

5. Pizza Pup.

Pizza Dog ;)

6. Pizza Pug.

Pizza on a dog

7. Pizza Hamster is not playing games.

Hamster eating pizza (banana for scale)

The distant, vicious cousin of Pizza Rat.

8. Pizza Pup II.

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9. Pizza Duck.

Ever seen a duck eating pizza before?


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