Pink And Reese Witherspoon Play A Revealing Game Of Never Have I Ever With Ellen

"I said no follow-up questions!"

We would never have thought to put Pink and Reese Witherspoon together for a game of Never Have I Ever, but Ellen DeGeneres has good instincts. She challenged the celebrity guests to get honest with her about "who they really are" by answering either "I Have" or "I Have Never" to a series of statements.

Of course, the point of Never Have I Ever is to possibly reveal a few embarrassing or unexpected truths about yourself, so the statements aren't exactly innocent. As we've seen before, DeGeneres isn't above asking about sex, snooping, and nudity — but she's also willing to answer them all about herself.

However, the host actually comes out of the game looking like a bit of a prude (her word) compared to Pink and Witherspoon — although you may not know it from the first question.

"Never have I ever received or given a lap dance to a stranger," she says, before answering "I Have" and explaining that she received one from none other than Channing Tatum.

"Where do you sign up for that?" Witherspoon asks.

"You host a talk show," DeGeneres responds.

After that, the host's answers get much more tame, to her guests' surprise. They're all willing to answer honestly, but Witherspoon has one request. "I will answer as long as there's no follow-up questions," she declares over a statement about doing "it" in a public place.

Find out the answer to every scandalous statement in the video below:

Cover image via Instagram

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