An Emotional Moment With A Fan Inspired Pink To Speak Out About Motherhood

"It's so hard."

Pink took a moment on Twitter this week to share a heartwarming encounter she recently had with a fan and fellow mom, and used the opportunity to send an important message about motherhood, and her wish for "mamas" to support each other.


"A really sweet Mama came up [to me] tonight at the grocery store and told me some nice words about how she gets strength from my parenting cause I'm not afraid to fuck up in public," Pink wrote. "We cried together. It's so hard. Y'all. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break."

As the Huffington Post points out, the tweet has received positive feedback from many fans, some of whom shared their own experiences with motherhood or offered their own thoughts about how to be supportive of other mothers. One user emphasized that it shouldn't matter "whether you're a single mom, stay at home mom, mom with a career, breastfeeding or formula feeding" — moms shouldn't "tear each other down."

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, has two kids with her husband Carey Hart — 6-year-old daughter Willow and 1-year-old son Jameson. Her social media posts about motherhood are frequently down-to-earth and honest (including shots of herself breastfeeding), but she hasn't been immune to "mom shaming."

Last year, for example, when the "What About Us" singer shared a pregnancy photo of herself in the kitchen, some criticized her for using the microwave and drinking coffee (even decaf) while pregnant. In response, Pink tweeted a link to an article about the scrutiny, and called herself a "mommy shamer shamer."

She's also refreshingly open about her imperfections as a mother. Most recently, she shared a funny letter her daughter wrote to Santa Claus which revealed her "mom fail" of forgetting to move the family's Elf on the Shelf leading up to Christmas.

Her latest post only adds to the reasons why so many fans look up to her.

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