Pillow Fight! Prankster Instigates Violent Pillow Fights With Complete Strangers.

Whoever thought of this is brilliant.

Pillow fights used to be for friends and sleepovers, but one prankster is making them for strangers and broad daylight.

ZaidAliT put together this prank in 2013, where he decided a fun way to break up the stress of finals on his college campus would be to run around and instigate a series of pillow fights with complete and utter strangers.

"As we all know exams are going on right now and everyone seems stressed," he says. "So I thought maybe this could make their day." 


It starts with the hand off.

And then immediate provocation.

He wasn't scared to start fights in public.

And he certainly didn't always win.

He even picked on girls.

Sometimes, though, he chose the wrong people. Like this guy.

Or this cop...

Check out the full hilarious video below:


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