This Photographer Couldn't Stand The Fashion World's Beauty Standards. So He Pointed His Camera Elsewhere.

A new documentary follows his work.

As a fashion photographer, Rick Guidotti spent his time taking pictures of some of the most conventionally beautiful people in the world. Many would probably kill for the opportunity to be in his shoes during that time, both from a career standpoint and proximity to gorgeous models. However, Guidotti eventually grew frustrated with having to work within the restrictive beauty standards of his industry, so he left the fashion world for good.

After meeting a young woman with albinism, Guidotti realized his work and life would be much more meaningful by aiming his camera at people always pushed to the sides because of their physical and/or mental differences. The documentary On Beauty follows his mission to redefine the way we see and experience beauty — and it's already picking up steam.


Rick himself is by most standards a pretty good-looking dude.

Using the same standards, the two main subjects of the film are not. Read on to learn more about them.

Sarah has a Sturge-Weber birthmark on her face and brain.

She left public school for home school after the bullying got too intense. To bullies and "normal" people, she asks in the On Beauty trailer, "Are we really so different and not like you that you have to stare?"

Her fellow subject Jayne would probably agree.

Jayne has albinism and lives in Eastern Africa, where witch doctors hunt people like her to sell their body parts.

Her physical differences are not only a source for staring and bullying, but potentially lethal due to these witch doctors and her surrounding society, which is blind to the unique health and safety needs of albinos.

Check out more of Guidotti's stunning portraits:

All of these portraits are meant to highlight the outward beauty of those who wouldn't "fit" on the cover of a fashion magazine.

To those who say he's capturing the "inner beauty" of his subjects, Guidotti has an amazing response.

"F*ck inner beauty," he says. "These kids are gorgeous."

"On Beauty" is now playing in theaters. Watch the full trailer below:

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