Photo Taken By Airplane Passenger Captures The Essence Of Democracy

Even tens of thousands of feet in the air, Americans are tuned in to the election.

Politics is a taxing business, and this election season in particular has been so full of dramatics and spectacle that some Americans are reasonably experiencing election fatigue. In a race unlike any other in modern history, American politics has taken on the nature of a shamelessly riveting reality TV show. But for all the likening of this election to a circus, zoo, or a comedy skit, there is something to be said about how actively engaged the American populace is in its political process at this moment. 

In a powerful image highlighting just how tuned in — literally — America is to the election, Twitter user @carowriter, or Caroline Paul, captured on camera the rows of passengers watching the final presidential debate on her Virgin America flight. 

"Democracy," she wrote in the caption.

The photo was a striking illustration of how deeply invested the country is in this election. It may have validated a small but vocal segment of the population which indulges in dangerous, reprehensible sentiments, and given rise to some of the most outrageous statements and name-calling in modern-day politics, but for every deplorable element that's emerged, there have been inclusive, empowering campaigns from other groups countering the negativity. 

What's certain is that this election has mobilized Americans all along the political spectrum, those who otherwise would be politically indifferent, to participate in their democracy — and that's nothing short of remarkable. 

A Plus has reached out to Caroline Paul for comment.

(H/T: Mashable)


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