Pharrell Puts His Music Knowledge To The Test In 'Name That Song' With Jimmy Fallon

How fast could you do it?

How fast do you think you could name a famous song from hearing just the beginning, one instrument at a time? For Jimmy Fallon and Pharrell Williams, the answer is "pretty fast." The pair faced off in a game of Name That Song on The Tonight Show Monday night, and it was a close competition.

Both players listen carefully as The Roots start playing each tune, and they're expected to hit a buzzer when they know the title. Things start off in the host's favor, as he names two classic songs before Pharrell can buzz in. Just when it's starting to look like maybe Fallon has the musician beat, however, Pharrell finds his groove. But Fallon would be quick to point out that he gets a little help from the audience in naming Justin Bieber's "Sorry."

"No, she was apologizing for me not getting the song," Pharrell jokingly explains.

The game ends on a song worth 10,000 points, so it's anyone's game. That's when Pharrell miraculously pulls out a win after hearing only a few brief notes on one instrument. If you fancy yourself a music expert, see if you can beat him — but don't get your hopes up, as some YouTube commenters point out he was actually involved on the track in question.


Hear every song for yourself in the video below:

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